Knowledge Constructors

Knowledge Constructors is an online study platform which has been used in the Phoenix Online School in Finland since 2011 and gives the students as much freedom as possible while still having to follow a certain curriculum. The basic idea of the software is to divide the curriculum into small enough questions and tasks so that the student can independently study using the materials he/she chooses. The software is a comprehensive study organizing system including an admin panel and separate roles for students, teachers, tutors, evaluators and admins. It also includes a room reservation system if it would be used in a physical building.


UniQuery was built as a general learning tool where the students can solve complex questions and challenges by breaking down the big questions into smaller ones, to be able to manage the big phenomena.

Open Space Organizer

Open Space Organizer was built for the International Democratic Education Conference held in Finland in 2016 and organized by the Developing School Association in cooperation with other organizations.